Implementation and Training

PracticeHwy’s staff works closely with Physicians, Nurses, Practice Administrators, as well as Andrology, Embryology, and Endocrine staff, to customize eIVF and develop requirements for information flow.

The built-in, thorough clinical content provides a high degree of flexibility in eIVF to meet functional and workflow needs of the client.

The goal of training is to bring the staff to a level of proficiency that will enable them to utilize eIVF most effectively. Our Implementation team works closely with users, tailoring the training to their specific job function.

Workflow Analysis

Custom workflow analysis, done before System Administrator Training, is a strongly recommended option. Clinical Specialists develop a custom report detailing the utilization of eIVF to support users daily workflow.


Our Clinical Specialists will help you configure eIVF and analyze workflows above and beyond the initial site survey and any customized packages. Our technical staff has the experience, technological sophistication, customization capabilities and commitment to meet your current and future needs.

Research & Development

PracticeHwy has devoted much of its resources to Research and Development, an emphasis that continues today. PracticeHwy’s Research and Development team includes individuals with expertise in SQL Server, Visual Basic, C++, ASP, XML development tools, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) design. This commitment enhances our relationship with customers, and has made eIVF become, according to many, “the best EMR” in the industry. Our vertical specialists and dynamic team of technical professionals understand the industry’s needs and details, giving us the extra edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Support     Contact us

After Implementation, we continue to guide users through our Support staff. Our Support team can be contacted through eIVF, phone, or email allowing for help whenever the user needs it. This team works to answer all user questions or issues within a 4 hour window, preventing any lag time while using eIVF in the workplace.